Online resource for reading instruction


Provide instructors valuable strategies to improve students’ reading skills




Strategies for instruction encompass all ages and reading levels.

The Trial Teaching Strategies (TTS) is an online resource that offers short lessons to address students’ reading needs. TTS extends the comprehensive nature of the Diagnostic Assessments of Reading (DAR) by addressing the specific needs DAR identifies for a particular student.

  •  After administering the DAR, the teacher can log on to the TTS website and use a student’s DAR results to access strategies appropriate to try with that student.
  •  The teacher can access these strategies either by entering the student’s DAR results in any areas of concern or by selecting from an index of these areas.
  •  Instructions for using the strategies and interpreting the results can be printed directly from the website, with ancillary materials such as passages, word cards, and record forms available to download in PDF format.

TTS sessions can contribute to an optimal program of instruction by helping the student discover his or her own reading strengths as well as needs. Once the teacher and student discover the strategies that best address those needs, together they can plan for future remediation. Educators can search for research-based teaching strategies on any of the following topics:

  •   Print Awareness
  •   Phonological Awareness
  •   Letters and Sounds
  •   Word Recognition
  •   Word Analysis
  •   Oral Reading Accuracy
  •   Oral Reading Fluency
  •   Silent Reading Comprehension
  •   Spelling
  •   Word Meaning

Use of TTS is included with every DAR kit at no additional cost. Each kit provides TTS access for up to five users, an ideal arrangement for those who share a kit across several classrooms. Additional licenses can be purchased. TTS is available independent of the DAR, but it is recommended that it be used with the DAR.

In addition to the teaching strategies, the TTS website provides further information about the DAR and the TTS, including product updates, FAQs, and research information.

For a more detailed look at the TTS, please download the following PDF: Introduction to the TTS v2.pdf.

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